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Financial Advisors – Commission Only

Westville – KZN

We are looking to hire financial advisors to join our team. You will spend your day talking to clients about their financial objectives and risk tolerance and then recommend an appropriate financial planning strategy. To excel in this tightly regulated role you should already have the appropriate licenses and a deep knowledge of all the latest financial products on the market.

More Details
  • Talking to clients to determine their expenses, income, insurance coverage, financial objectives, tax status, risk tolerance, or other information needed to develop a financial plan
  • Answering client questions about financial plans and strategies and giving financial advice
  • Advising strategies for clients in insurance coverage, investment planning, cash management and other areas to help them reach financial objectives
  • Reviewing client accounts and plans on a regular basis to understand if life or economic changes, situational concerns, or financial performance necessitate changes in their plan
  • Analyzing financial data received from clients to develop strategies for meeting clients’ financial goals
  • Preparing or interpreting financial document summaries, investment performance reports and income projections for clients
  • Implementing financial plans or referring clients to professionals who can help them
  • Managing and updating client portfolios
  • Contacting clients regularly to discover changes in their financial status
  • Building and maintaining your client base

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